21st August 2018 by eucmos Steering Committee


Aiming to stimulate the development of Spectroscopy in the different European Countries, in particular the emergence of young scientists working in the field, the EUCMOS Steering Committee has decided to sponsor national meetings dedicated to Molecular Spectroscopy.

Sponsorship consists in the award of the title "EUCMOS SPONSORED MEETING", which is a certificate of excellence. EUCMOS will also provide advice regarding organizational details and the scientific programme, whenever requested by the organizers of the EUCMOS Sponsored Molecular Spectroscopy National Meetings (ESNM).

Regulations for ESNM

1. The designation of the meeting has to make explicit reference to the words "Molecular Spectroscopy", and the meeting shall be generalist and not focused on a single technique.
2. The meeting shall be held on odd years, not before 2021, with 2 years periodicity. Single events may be considered, exceptionally.
3. Proposals for being classified as ESNM has to be renewed each time, after evaluation of the preceding meeting of the series.
4. The maximum number of participants in an ESNM is 100. The maximum duration, 3 days.
5. Prize for 2 best presentations by young researchers is mandatory. It implies payment, by the ESNM, of the registration fee of the winners of the Prize to attend the next EUCMOS conference.
6. At least one delegate from EUCMOS (indicated by the EUCMOS President) has to be present in the ESNM as guest. The EUCMOS delegate will write a report on the ESNM meeting, which will be one of the pieces of information to take into account for future decision to continue sponsor that series of meetings.
7. Evaluation of an ESNM meeting, based both on the report of the participating EUCMOS delegate and a report sent by the organizers (that must include the results of a questionnaire of satisfaction passed to the participants), will be graded in 3 levels: A (Excellent), B (Good), C (Fair).
8. The Chair of an ESNM which receives an evaluation of A-level and submit a successful proposal for the following meeting of the series, will be invited to join the EUCMOS Steering Committee for a 3 years mandate.