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Sebastião J. Formosinho


Born: Oeiras, Portugal, 19th September 1943.


Education and Career:

1964: BSc. Physics and Chemistry (Coimbra).

1964-66 e 68-71: Assistant Lecturer, Coimbra.

1966: Assistant Lecturer, Mozambique.

1966-68:  Military Service.

1968-70: Demonstrator of Physical Chemistry, University College (London).

1971:  Ph.D. (London, Royal Institution of Great Britain/University College).

1971-74:  Auxiliary Professor, Coimbra.

1974: Habilitation, Coimbra.

1974-79:  Extraordinary Professor, Coimbra.

1979:  Professor Catedrático, Coimbra.

1990: Ordinary Professor, Catholic University (double appointment).


Administrative Experience:

1977-78: Member of the National Inter-university Committee for Chemistry

1978-79: President of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Science an  Technology, Univ. Coimbra.

1977-92: Member of the National Science Research Council and Vice-President for the Committee of Exact Sciences, since 1989.

1980-81: Secretary of State for Higher Education,VIth and VIIth Constitutional Governments.

1983-86: Head of the Chemistry Department, Coimbra.

1991-94: President of the School of Engineering, Catholic University, Figueira da Foz.

1992: President of the Portuguese Chemical Society

1994: President of Centro Regional das Beiras, Catholic University, Viseu.

1995: Member of the Evaluation Panel of Chemistry, TMR Programme.

1996: President of the International Committee for the Evaluation of the Portuguese Chemistry  Research Centres.

2000-2002: President of the Scientific Committee for the Thermal Treatment of Industrial Hazardous Wastes in Portugal.


Honours and Prizes :

Correspondent Member of the Portuguese Academy of Sciences.

Member of the Scientific Society, Portuguese Catholic University.

Member of the Portuguese, British and American Chemical Societies and of the

European Photochemistry Association.

IUPAC Comission of Photochemistry.

Editorial Board, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology.


Artur Malheiros Prize, Academy of Sciences, 1972.

Ferreira da Silva Medal, Portuguese Chemical Society

Gulbenkian Foundation Prize for Sciences, 1994.

1997 Aboim Sande Lemos Prize from the Faculty of Theology of the Portuguese Catholic University.

IUPAC Fellow, 2002.



Over 140 scientific publications in chemistry, 4 review articles, and co-editor of two books.

Citations [1970-2001]: ca. 1440; average of 13 citations per article published in international journals.

Over 30 titles on articles of teaching in chemistry and in epistemology of physical sciences, and 20 books in chemistry, sociology of sciences and relations between science and religion.


Organization of International Meetings:

Excited States of Biological Molecules, 1974; International Conference on Luminescence, 1990; NATO ASI Theoretical and Computational Models for Organic Chemistry, 1990.